May 06, 2017 - Support Voivod

We have a new show to announce, but not just any show... We will be supporting the amazing Voivod! We're extremely proud to open for those epic metal giants, don't miss it!


Apr 21, 2017 - Instagram

If you'd like to see our behind-the-scenes, random movieclips and utterly gorgeous pictures, give our new Instagram-page a follow!


Apr 10, 2017 - Website back online, new show

Due to problems with our hosting company our website and email were offline for a few weeks, but it's back online! In other news we are playing at Kashfest coming September.


Feb 02, 2017 - Most promising unknown band

Hey everyone, According to Smash Press we're the number 1 unknown Dutch Promise. Thanks! Be sure to check out the other bands as well (article in Dutch) Link


Dec 28, 2016 - End of 2016

Hey everyone, 3voor12 Zeeland thinks our album release was one of the best shows this year in the province Zeeland: Link

Besides that, 3voor12 also thinks our album Atlas Construct was the best album of 2016! Thanks! Link

2016 has been an amazing year for us, and we hope to see you all again in 2017!


Okt 20, 2016 - Review Atlas Construct & interview Progsphere

Hey everyone, Progsphere had a few questions about our songwriting and Atlas Construct, check it out here: Link

In other news, Progstravaganza did a review about Atlas Construct. Check it here: Link


Okt 16, 2016 - Interview BDP Metal

Hey everyone, wanna know more about us and our album atlas construct? Read it here (english): Link


Okt 1, 2016 - ZeeAlt top 100

Hey everyone, we are honored our songs Construct Part 1: Pillars of Perdition & Construct part 2: Columns of Creation are featured in the ZeeAlt 100, the alternative music top 100 of Zeeland (our province) of all time. We entered the list at number 35! Thank you! ZeeAlt Link

In other news, we have a bandcamp now, you can listen and buy our album there. Bandcamp link


Jul 31, 2016 - Drum play through

Our drummer Damian has made a drum play through of our song Mundicide, check it out!


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Ruben Willemsen - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

Tim Schaling - Guitars

Daniel de Coninck - Guitars

Joris van Hemert - Guitars

Damian de Muijnck - Drums

Xeno is a collective being. The bringing in existence of a way of thinking, a heritage. Something new, something out of the blue. Freedom and pride reigns in making music that feels just right. Something you have not seen or heard before. In the origin of metal, Xeno is growing towards their own stubborn direction. The incorporation of a keys-section helps realizing a more theatrical presentation, supported by the character and waywardness of the other bandmembers. The songs take you on an individual journey filled with various grooves, melodies and sometimes surprising rhythms.

In the year 2012 the name Xeno arose from the ashes of Semiazas, with this spawning the urge to portray whatever they find that holds importance. With a new line-up and a fresh look on things, this goal should be anything but unreachable. Whatever the future will bring for them is unclear, being an obsolete piece of information since the road holds more importance for Xeno than the destination. After collecting enough material to ascend the stage, Xeno is ready to get out there!

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